Terms and Conditions and the Most Important Things to Know about Them

Baggage Freight is one of the leading shipping calculators in Australia and regardless of whether you own an online business that relies on their shipping methods a lot ir if you are an individual who is seeking for the best option for the transportation of his/her personal goods, we will definitely be able to help you.
Basically, Baggage Freight has been created with the clients’ needs in mind and it can cover for almost every kind of need you may have. We have special solutions for every major type of cart included in the ecommerce websites, the option of using a free EBay freight calculator or of integrating a shipping module into your EBay cart and fast calculators for individual shipping needs (such as if you need to ship extra luggage before your arrival at the destination).

Our services are professional and easy to use, but do make sure that you carefully read the Terms and Conditions section before you use them. There are essential things to be kept in mind in this section and it will be for your best to use our services according to them. Here are some of the most important areas covered by our Terms and Conditions section:

1. The obligations that have to be met both by the user of the service and by Baggage Freight as the provider of the service. For instance, you will find out about your responsibility of tracking the order using the number we will provide you with and about what happens if the consignment has not been successfully delivered. Also, you will find out about all the requirements that have to be accepted by the consignee (such as providing with a telephone number at which he/she can be contacted).

2. Information related to the collection and to the delivery of the goods. It is very important that you get acquainted with these rules because they will prevent you from having to face any unpleasant circumstances. For instance, you will have to make sure that you are in when the driver will arrive at your place to make the collection because otherwise you will have to pay a surcharge of $26. Also, something else you will find out in this sub-section are the maximum weight limits you have to meet. For instance, you will have to know that the driver will not be able to accept goods that are heavier than 30 kg without your help and that if your goods are heavier than 70 kg, you will have to book a service that includes tailgate.

3. What happens to Prohibited and Restricted items are also covered in the Terms and Conditions section of your website. Do beat these things in mind because some of them will not be allowed to be delivered and other ones will not be covered for damage or loss.

4. The Surcharges sub-section will also have to be thoroughly read because you will have to know how much you will have to pay if there is any special condition.

5. Claims for Damage or Loss, Exemptions and Liability are also included in the Terms and Conditions sections and should definitely be kept in mind (along with all the other sub-sections and pieces of information presented there). By learning these conditions, you will make sure that you are prepared for anything that may come along and that there will be no surprises about your shipment.