The Most Important Reasons to Sign Up for Baggage Freight

Baggage Freight is one of the leading Australian shipping comparison services and regardless of whether you are a business owner or an individual looking into choosing the best shipping alternative for your needs, this website will definitely turn out to be of real help.

While Baggage Freight does not provide its clients with actual freight services, it can provide you with an automatized comparison of the best options out there. This website works with all the major freight service providers both at a national level and at an international level (including DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT and many others).

Basically, if you are a business owner with an ecommerce website, you will be able to find a module to integrate into your shipping cart so that you can automatically provide your customers with the best shipping alternative out there. This way, you will save the time you would have spent on doing this manually and the money wasted on not choosing the best option out there. Also, you will provide your customers with a clear shipping rate and they will be able to make their purchase by being properly informed about their shipping option and its price.

Furthermore, Baggage Freight offers an EBay cart module as well and a free EBay shipping calculator for those of you who own an EBay store. If you are an indiviudal looking into the best shipping method out there, Baggage Freight will be able to offer you with an automatic comparison as well, so that you can save money and time too.

If you want to reap all the benefits Baggage Freight has to offer, then you should definitely sign up and become a member of our website. Here are some of the main reasons for which signing up will be an advantageous thing for you:

1)      You can store and save all the details related to shipping addresses and payments, so that you can use them for future orders.

2)      You can have access to Baggage Freight’s automated system.

3)      You can manage all your current orders.

4)      You will not have to sign any kind of contract and there will be no obligations related to this sign up.

5)      If you want to become an EBay member, there will be numerous benefits. They include the following:

i)        A free and easy shipping calculator to be integrated into your EBay listings.

ii)       You will automatically be generated with shipping labels and tracking numbers.

iii)     You have the option of applying a flat rate or of using the actual rates.

iv)     You will have the chance to increase your sales due to the fact that your customers will see you as a more reliable EBay seller.

6)      If you want to become an ecommerce website member, you will also have a lot of benefits:

i)        An automatic shipping calculator that will display the shipment details in the check out section of your website.

ii)       You will be able to easily integrate the calculator into all of the major shopping carts out there.

iii)     You will also have access to automatic generation of shipping labels and tracking numbers.