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if a Customs invoice is required, you will need to fill in these details here too.

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We will do our best to keep to your selected collection times, however carrier’s pickup schedules do vary and with which we do not have control.

  • Your chosen collection times are requested with the carrier however are not guaranteed.
  • Pickups and deliveries cannot occur on weekends or public holidays.
  • Drivers are not necessarily able to call on approach for collection or delivery as they are not provided company phones. If drivers do call it is at their own discretion.
  • Same Day collection for orders made before 11am (ACST).

Customs Invoice Details

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Custom Invoice Contents

DESCRIPTION of contents must be filled out to be precise and specifically indicate the quantity of each item, and their values e.g. 5 x shirts, 3 shoes, 1 book


Download Commercial Proforma Invoice.doc if there is sufficient space below in our text.

I agree to theterms & conditions,surcharge policy, and hereby confirm my shipment complies with the prohibited items list

I have read and understood the content of the prohibited items page and agree not to ship any of the prohibited items specified .

I understand that I CAN NOT PACK Lithium Batteries.

I agree to pack and label each parcel individually with shipping labels providedhow to pack video.

I agree & accept any additional charges on my credit card as a result of incorrect declaration by me of weight, volume,description, or packaging of goods, based on information provided by the carrier.

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