International Ecommerce deliveries made easy with Parcel International


From the moment a customer makes a purchase on checkout, to order processing, order fulfillment, dispatch, shipping and tracking, there is absolutely little room for error.  Having a reliable eCommerce platform that handles all of these tasks, whether sales derive from the physical store, a fulfillment center, 3rd party logistics warehouse or sales directly come from the online store, the platform must act as an enabler of all those functions in order to be successful in competing and running an profitable online business.  Consequently investing in such platforms means you also need to promote, maintain and support the development of the platform to achieve the desired result of increased sales, customer retention, efficiency in processing, and ease in the handling of all aspects from start to finish.  Commitment in all these areas equally is required to achieve success with the development of an online business.
Consider partner and trying Parcel International online today!   Send a parcel, get the best express international shipping rates, search for locations around the globe, and learn more from our experts at Parcel International.  We are here to support you with our international shipping experts, and we have ecommerce solutions that can be integrated to your website for order fulfillment, automation and simplicity.


International Freight Solution Integrated to your eCommerce Store


Parcel International are a Your Freight Agent company, and we offer a number of shipping modules suitable for Australian E commerce Businesses including plugins compatible for Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Shopify and many more.  Our powerful shipping extensions are will  fetch accurate real time shipping rates from the cheapest courier in our system, display the best rate on checkout and allows the buyer to make decisions instantly knowing their end to end buying cost.  You will be delighted with now having the capability to automatically capture sales information from checkout, and seeing a shipping order automatically created from the sale transaction!  One click to print label with no data entry required on your part. Shipping from A to B anywhere to anywhere in the world has become easier than ever and being fully integrated with Parcel International’s ecommerce shipping plugins will facilitate the reduction of time required to quote freight, process labels and administration work. Moreover our very smart shipping system, connects you with the worlds best courier express freight companies without having to open accounts with any of them, manage the relationships, and there is no need for volume commitments to negotiate competitive freight rates!

In the background, our system will automatically display real time courier rates,capture  sales data, create shipping orders and print compliant international shipping documents without you having to do very much manual work at all.  What are you waiting for?  For a very small set up fee, and monthly subscription you can ship to world wide locations easily, using our secure and reliable quoting application.  The worst is trying to charter through unknown international regulations around shipping overseas without proper support and technology, but there is no longer an excuse for doing business today without these tools because they are cheap and accessible for all to use.

Avoid using your Content Management Systems table of rates for quoting shipping rates, that just simply won’t be accurate enough.  Particularly when shipping to regional areas or worldwide!

Features for using Parcel International’s Shipping Extension
* Real Time Shipping Rates on Checkout
* Instant shipping order creation
* Edit Label
* One click to Print Label
* No additional data entry required to create shipping label
* Multi Carrier System with No account required
* Huge Freight Savings
* Increased sales conversion
* Accurate Delivery Quotes to Remote and International locations
* Fast, Simple, Reliable, Convenient

International Shipping Regulations


Speak to our customer service team to see if the items you are sending are allowed into the country it is destined for.  You can also read our Restricted or Prohibited Items page, and remember not to send any items with lithium batteries, if they cannot be removed from the item itself.   Under The Australian aviation legislation act, you are required to check and confirm that you are not sending any dangerous goods on every occasion that you send packages through Parcel Internationals booking platform, and accept all responsibility as the organizer.  Freight quotes provided on our system are often found to be cheaper than going direct to the carriers themselves, and can be purchased online today using this very website, by selecting the international carrier service quoted, and paying by credit card on our secure payment page. Insurance can be selected on the payment page, and the insurance premium price will be added to the final price on checkout, at your discretion.  The insurance premium is calculated on 2.5% of the value of goods to be covered and must not be antiques, currency or excluded from our insurance policy.  A copy of our insurance policy can be made available to you upon request.  Contact our customer support team on +61 8 8244 1397 to find out more information today.


Duties and Taxes Disclosure on your commerce store

Be sure to disclose the fact that duties and taxes are not included in the freight price quoted for shipping goods to customers or suppliers overseas.   Duties and taxes are applicable in the destination country and payable at the time customs do the clearance which is when the receiver is typically contacted by phone and email to make the payment by credit card over the phone.  Its calculated on the dutiable rate in the destination country depending on the type of goods and their gross value.  It is recommended you disclose that these costs are to be paid by the receiver when it enters their country and that you have quote freight costs only.   The delivery cannot be completed to its final destination without duties and tax fees being paid for.   This is one of the greatest concerns for any eCommerce store owner however if handled and managed appropriately the outcome can be well rewarding as you open the possibility of selling larger volumes to overseas clients and broadening your business opportunities.   Great execution of explaining and quoting the international freight quotes is what the team at Parcel International very well and we are here support you every step along the way.