Growing trend for international cross border sales

Whether your business is online, in physical stores, or both, all retailers face challenges with selling and getting their product delivered once sold.   It’s become an ever increasing expectation that retailers deliver a seamless customer experience at all touch points.   They must maximize sales and interconnect all sales channels with all devices, living up to the promise of offering a quality product that’s available for purchase and can be easily delivered.  Strong retail brands will do this and as a result customers are attracted to strong brands for this very reason.  Offering such allows your business to attract those customers that become repeat/return customers increasing their value as your customer over their lifetime.

This brings us to stress the importance of having shipping integrated properly onto your eCommerce store.  Shipping integration means shipping costs are displayed on check out and order fulfilment is automated every step along the way, with little to no data entry.  Sales order information is captured at the time of sale where a shipping order is created automatically and buyer purchases the item including the price of the freight costs which was quoted dynamically.  Knowing end to end costs upfront at the time, creates trust and transparency and moreover has proven to increase sales conversions.

Using a Comparative Calculator Means Fast and Competitive Edge

Those that deny it will be left behind, using the right tools in logistics means you and your business gain the competitive edge.  Saving customers even a tiny amount of money can make or break the outcome, great tools ultimately lead to you being more likely to win the sale.  Start shipping with Parcel International today,  gain fast access to multiple international and unaccompanied baggage/freight services, make available to yourself varying transit times and rates giving you the freedom to move from one freight carrier to next without judgement, without restraint, without bias and without any red tape.

Shipping domestically versus Shipping Globally?

On the same single shipping portal you can ship locally,  organize deliveries interstate plus offer delivery to your customers to over 220 world wide destinations.  Your delivery capability has now opened up to a local, domestic and a global front, which increases the landscape for winning and obtaining new customers.  Imagine the possibilities and increased scalability that your business can achieve with the perfect logistics partner like Parcel International.