Competitive International Delivery Industry

In today’s competitive delivery environment, it is important to take the time and effort to pick your International delivery partner carefully. Customers are choosing carriers with experience, a good reputation and offering value for money this is the stand out criteria – customers want to be assured that their goods will be delivered securely and safely at a cost effective price.


International Carriers

We offer multiple international carrier options delivery to world wide destinations to over 220 countries.  You can ship goods from parcels, bags, suitcases and pallets, via air freight or sea freight.  Our transit times are listed on the website as a guideline only.

Technological advancements in the delivery sector are moving at a rapid pace.  Some offer strengths which lie in customer service more than their technological advancements, so the key is to find carriers that offer both high quality customer care with good technology for transparency and control.  Carriers embracing the latest innovation in tech are leading the way in the sector.

The key to innovation is the blend of technology with great service, some freight companies are unable to provide high end service and solution to small and medium businesses because they focus on the enterprise clients.  This is where our company adds the most value where the freight industry falls short.   Parcel International brings further value to small and medium sized businesses and consumers shopping online, we bring a happy blend of high end customer service and freight technology right to your door! Go to our quick quotes calculator to obtain the best international freight rates today