Freight Management Strategies & Ideas

The most common issues consumers face with regard to parcel delivery services, are those that can be easily avoided by good planning, crisis strategies and back up plans.  If delivering goods to your customers is a critical part of your business, then you are best putting the necessary time and effort into making some solid plans about the best course of action.  It is then advisable to put these practices in place and train the rest of your team who will be handling logistics within your company to follow the recommendations you make for dealing with delivery issues, implementing prevention methods, and crisis strategies and back up plans that have been tried and tested by yourself or management.

  1. Delayed shipping, in that the sender either didn’t have the goods ready to ship when the courier came. Delays from a dispatch warehouse will invariably result in delayed delivery times as another day will pass by before the pick is re-scheduled.  The transit time starts from time collection is made, not from the time collection is booked.
  2. Missed delivery note is left at the receivers address in the mailbox. The receiver needs to make a call to the carrier using the note left in the mailbox, to organize collection from the carriers nearest depot, or organize another re-delivery attempt.  It may incur additional re-delivery fees to the freight account holder.
  3. When the carrier does not deliver within a delivery time frame, when the receiver has a very specific window of time where they can wait for the courier to make delivery. If not delivered within this set time frame, it creates delays, and they must offer alternate delivery arrangements to suit both carrier and receiver.
  4. When the receiver has to make pickups from other locations than what was specified e.g. going to parcel pickup office to collect your parcel, can be time consuming and may incur travelling costs to the receiver.
  5. When the courier driver makes false claims that they tried to make delivery, but the receiver was home all day waiting for the delivery.
  6. When the courier is authorized to leave packages on the front porch without getting a signature – leaves packages exposed to potential thieves, weather elements, damage and mishandling.
  7. Delivering only during work hours when the customer is at work and cannot sign for the goods. We encourage having packages delivered to your office, or where you know someone trustworthy will be about to sign for the goods on your behalf.
  8. Partial delivery is received or parts received while some parts missing, can create frustration and means you need to chase with the carrier, lodge tracking investigations, and request carrier depot searches for missing items. Sometimes there is a simple reason that remaining packages were separated and will arrive 1- 2 days later after the initial delivery.
  9. Sometimes receivers will have items delivered which are incorrect or not what they ordered, requiring them to spend time calling the supplier in order to organise the return of goods and re-delivery of the correct items.
  10. Product damages are often a cause for concern in this industry, where items are delivered broken or damaged, and one must follow the suppliers protocol for getting them replaced or refunded.

Other matters with managing freight

All parties involved with supply of product, quoting of product and freight, dispatch, delivery, tracking and after sales service, must address the challenges in order to compete in this highly competitive market.  Next day deliveries, tracking, returns process, are all options that the end consumer expect and must be offered by online retailers to stay relevant in today’s market.

While there is a growing trend toward online businesses understanding the importance of integrating shipping solutions to provide effective delivery services to their customers, there is still huge number of business yet to partake in this type of freight broker-eCommerce platform relationship.  We are pleased to say that the team at Parcel International will be happy to discuss in person & perhaps even tailor a solution more specific to your business needs.

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