Delivery Platform for International Shipping


International Shipping now made easy to do, for individuals, businesses whether a once off shipper, a regular shipper, sending small or large volumes – the process for sending goods overseas remains to be the same.  At Parcel International we offer an online delivery platform for shipping goods internationally, bringing a variety of carriers to you on this very website.  For more than a decade we have serviced our customers facilitating services that have delivered products to over 220 countries around the world.  Carriers like TNT International, UPS, FedEx, are among some of the international carrier companies we work with, plus a number of the major airlines, that move unaccompanied baggage for our clients.

International Courier Express Parcel Services, shipping from Australia


Shipping from Australia, to other destinations around the world can be organised by anyone these days that have access to the internet.   It just means that choosing the right international freight carrier is critical to this process.  With instant access to quotes from multiple Global Courier Express Parcel companies, it makes choosing the right logistics partner fast and simple to do on the delivery platform we provide.  Exports from Australia, can be organised in one day, for collection the next day where booking and payment is processed quickly online and documents supplied by our office created for you to attach to the packages destined foroverseas.


Costs for sending on International Postal Service


Our team will also help you choose the right service to meet your budget, and for the most discounted international shipping rates, you may want to try using our International Postal Service.  This service is the alternative to using Australia Post, it will travel with DHL eCommerce and will be uplifted to the country of destination, following that will use the postal system in the destination country to complete the last mile for delivery.  An extremely competitive and cost effective international service, that offers milestone tracking and ideal for small packages under 3kg for items of low value replacement value. A perfect freight service for eCommerce businesses that have the desire to sell to overseas consumers, products including electronics, fashion, books.  Items that typically fit in less than 3kg packages.

Parcel International can offer International eCommerce Postal Delivery services,  that support cross-border e-commerce sales. Our preferred carrier for Postal services provides standard international parcel pick-up, delivery and return solutions for business customers via the postal network as well as e-commerce logistics and facilitation services.

For those who are fed up with feeling obligated to use the Australia Post system by default because that is all they have ever known, you’ll be pleased to know that there are other options offering more superior service than Australia Post.  The team at Parcel International would be delighted to discuss and offer more information on our International Tracked, and International Postal services, contact us today on +61 8 8244 1397 and speak to our Sales Team.


Costs for sending International Express or Priority


Delivering to over 220 countries around the word, some of our carriers operate the most comprehensive global courier networks.  International Express services are commonly selected for shorter delivery time frames while at the same time remain competitive to the international express rates offered by Australia Post.  Transit times for Express to overseas countries when exporting and shipping from Australia, is approx 2 – 4 days.    Priority Air services to overseas countries can shorten normal express transit times by 24-48 hours, as this is the most expedited service for shipping internationally.


Before going back to business, you should try obtaining an instant quote on our calculator at the top of this site, to compare rates with what you would normally pay for shipping overseas.  Compare the rates with your existing rates, compare the transit times, brands and with the transparency our site offers, you will be able to make the best informed decision and potentially save money and time.   Our mission is to also delight our clients, as having been an Australian owned and operated business our service must meet the demands of todays business requirements to survive, flourish in this competitive environment.   Parcel International, a Your Freight Agent Company is also held to a standard in that it maintains strong relationships and ties with the carrier partners who actually transport the goods for our clients.


Obligations of Sender when Shipping Goods Internationally by Air Freight


There are a number of things that any person must be aware of before sending goods overseas.  More importantly there is a legal obligation for the sender to know and understand what their obligations are for shipping goods overseas.   Since it is legally unacceptable for anyone shipping goods by air to say they were unaware, so we do urge everyone to proceed with caution, taking care to follow our instructions and guidance to ensure the safety of goods travelling on our carrier partner networks.

  • Have you packaged the goods safely for transport
  • Are the cartons / packaging secure and sealed
  • Have you labelled the goods with the airway bill and customs declaration forms – we have provided you with?
  • Have you accurately declared the contents within your shipment , quantity , detailed list and accurate values?
  • Do you want to purchase additional transit warranty? understanding the excess applicable on claims made?
  • Have you removed all batteries, lithium batteries in particular?
  • Removed any restricted or prohibited items from your package?
  • Checked the customs fees, duties and taxes that may be applicable for shipping goods into the destined country?
  • Are you aware the duties and taxes are not included in our freight quote and payable at the time the shipment is to be cleared in the destination country?
  • Have attached import licenses or other additional documents for special shipments that require it?

From our experience we have always recommended to our clients who are shipping goods internationally, that when in doubt it is always best to leave it out.

Contact our customer support team for further information +61 8 8244 1397.