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With the aid of Parcel International’s shipping calculator right here on the freight calculator at the top of this page, you will get instant quotes to enable you to select a service to send your package anywhere to anywhere, delivery worldwide.  Access the world’s best international courier companies on one single platform that offers door to door services, with tracking and insurance options available.


There is a significant number of shipments trending where consumers are buying from overseas suppliers, and with the aid of Parcel International’s robust freight booking platform, you’ll find purchasing goods overseas relatively simple and fast to do.  You’ll have comfort knowing the goods can be insured from theft or damage during transit with small excess fees payable on all claims.  Your parcels movements can be found visible using our online tracking tools, available without having to log in.


Finding the most cost effective and fastest way to ship goods across international borders is something everyone is doing in this day and age, and without such capability a business will be losing sales un-doubly.  The best news of all is that Parcel International’s shipping platform is available for anyone to use, whether you are a business or want to send freight once or twice only.


Parcel International Couriers that offer international shipping from Australia


You’ll be able to save time and money shipping through Parcel International’s shipping platform online, accessing the world’s top international courier partners, including TNT International, UPS, FedEx, DHL eCommerce, and many more.  Delivery to over 220 other countries is made possible using Parcel International’s online freight calculator, which requires few data inputs to fetch a range of shipping rates and service options to choose from.  Within seconds you can obtain quotes, and then finalise bookings in mere minutes to access international shipping documents compliant to each of the world renowned international freight carriers that we partner with.


We have 10 years’ experience in logistics; handle thousands of shipments each week and we think that we know a thing or two about getting your parcels delivered, no matter the destination.



International Shipping Costs for sending Pallets, Parcels, Suitcases


There is no standard price for quoting international packages, as each shipment will vary in weight and size.  Prices range from $20 – $250 on average ranging from small satchels or parcels to larger chest size boxes.   The variants to consider are weight in kilograms, width, length and height in centimetres and how many packages you are sending.  Be certain to include the gross dimensions and weight to include the packaging that you are using, for example the foam, and cardboard box should be added to the dimensions.


Every day and every week, we are delighting our customers in offering a high quality service and saving them huge amounts of money compared to sending unaccompanied baggage via the major airways. If the standard mindset is to send excess baggage at the airport, paying high rates per kilo because you are over the allowable weight limit to check in luggage, you can re-think how you are sending your packages overseas ahead of time, and use Parcel International to enjoy some massive savings!   You’ll save up to 60-80% off normal excess baggage rates sending to worldwide destinations.  It is important to highlight that you cannot send any items containing lithium batteries as that is completely prohibited using this service.  If you want you can remove the batteries, and if they are not removable, you must not send it.


Determine the best international freight service and cost to quote your customers


You may consider having direct accounts with multiple carriers might be the better option for your business because that is what you know.  Just wait until you try using Parcel Internationals freight calculator and booking platform online, in retrospect your opinion will change and you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of using Parcel International’s online platform and customer support team earlier!


Not only will the team and online calculator assist with quickly obtaining quotes from multiple international carriers but the convenience of being able to access a vast range of services anytime of the day and night will far outweigh the benefits of having accounts directly with carriers.  It is time to dismiss the old way of doing business which used to be having to open 15 accounts with 15 carriers, having various freight invoices to reconcile and pay on varying terms.  Booking through Parcel International allows you to access single invoicing, obtain a single set of rates & discounts to access a vast range of services, services which are conveniently available to you and your business anytime of the day or night.


Consider Packaging Goods appropriately before sending via Parcel International online


When shipping a package or multiple packages to international destinations, it’s important to remember a few main rules for packaging.  Package goods to ensure the items inside are going to be protected with handling and will be able to withstand moving through conveyor belt systems.  We strongly advise you to fill gaps within your parcel with soft foam pieces or solid foam pieces to allow the package to withstand a short fall to the ground if the person handling it should accidently drop the package, or it should by chance fall off the conveyor belt system.


It’s critical that all your queries are answered by Parcel International’s customer support team, no matter what type of query you may have please do not hesitate to contact our support team today.  We stress the importance of purchasing insurance as an added option to give you peace of mind, so you are covered for damage or loss during transit.  Consider that cheapest is not always best, especially when you are risking items of high value, the responsibility of shipping goods using a particular service belongs only to the person who organises and selects the service, be sure you have selected the right service to begin with.  We urge you to read the prohibited items list, check that the items you are sending overseas is allowed not prohibited or restricted, and that you are fully aware of your responsibilities and obligations as the sender is legally responsible.


Best International Couriers shipping from Australia


FedEx. FedEx is known for their high quality air freight service offering which is door to door.  Our team highly recommend their tracking report online which is


International Economy Express. The FedEx International Economy Express is a budget friendly international shipping option. They tell you how long it should take for an item to reach its destination (it usually takes no more than 4 days, depending on where it is going). If you’re concerned about the time after ordering, contact FedEx directly. – or our Parcel International customer support team on +61 8 8244 1397


International Priority. Great for shorter delivery time. Airfreighted within 3 days with no questions asked, then you’ll want to check out FedEx’s International Priority option. Perfect service for sending bulk packages.


UPS. UPS is one of the best express parcel couriers in the world and known for being one of the best global delivery carriers around. All UPS services do in-house customs approval. We offer quotes and booking for the following UPS International Services: –

Expedited. This option is an economy based option that allows you to get an estimated date for items that may not be time-sensitive.

Saver. An economy solution, and alternative to Expedited services. This service takes longer, and the estimated transit time is a guideline only.

Express. This particular service, allows you to get items there in less time, Express will get your item to its international destination in three days or less, depending on where you are sending it to.

Worldwide Express. For certain areas only, if you need the item overnight, you can use the Worldwide Express option. Allow 24 hours additionally for customs clearance.

TNT International Shipping Services. TNT is offers outstanding shipping services that you can use on Parcel Internationals shipping portal, no matter where you are shipping from in and around Australia. There are two main types of international shipping services that you can use with this company. –

TNT Express. TNT Express international offers short transit times, as a guideline only.  They do not offer a “next day” service, but for competitiveness in price the transit times are also comparative to other carrier express services offered.

Economy Express. TNT Economy Express, offers a more cost effective way to get items from place to place on a slower transit time.. Again transit times are a guideline only, and you will need to allow 24-48 hours customs clearance at the destination country.

BFI  One of our preferred international carriers, offering express services, to over 220 countries worldwide. Our non branded preferred international carrier sends packages by airfreight door to door, offering excellent customer support and is among the top 4 international express parcel carriers in the world. Tracking visibility and excellence in customer support from our preferred international carrier are second to none.


Massive savings using Parcel International for sending unaccompanied baggage


Airport and Airplane Destinations. Get special quotes to deliver to major world wide airports. Its cheaper to send excess baggage this way ahead of your travelling schedule, and clear the goods yourself at customs once you arrive to meet your luggage!.  contact our customer support team to quote and help you arrange this.  Alternatively airport lists are available and quotes for delivery to major airports can be obtained directly on our website, click on AIRPORTS tab on the freight calculator above at the top of this page.