Bulk Quote for sending Multiple Parcels Overseas


Customarily a business would open an account with a freight carrier that can get their goods delivered to overseas destinations.  There are account keeping fees, credit application processes and credit checks to consider applying for that once approved,  subsequently will entitle a business to a rate schedule for sending freight based on a nominated or predicted volume.  Whenever the freight volumes are anticipated or a historically proven to be low in volume and low in freight spend; the carrier will in accordance to volume play, allocate the freight rates to align with these key factors.  Ultimately this means businesses with lower volumes will receive lower discounts, and those with higher volumes receive higher discounts.  Until now, that was the customary type of relationship a business had with freight carriers,  today, one can easily ship with Parcel International for deliveries to world wide locations, and access a variety of international express courier companies on one single web portal.


A lot of hard work goes into the acquisition of customers, closing the sale, dispatching the goods, choosing the right logistics partner and then offering excellence in after sales support. Considering the level of importance shipping services play in operating a business successfully, it is by large a great reason to choose a great logistics partner wisely.


The propensity to deal with one or two single carriers alone, will likely cost your business huge amounts of money that would naturally be saved using Parcel Internationals Freight Quoting and Booking Platform.  Bulk volume, bulk discounts can be enjoyed for those willing to explore further, and allow our team to do the shopping around for you to save on costs.  There is no lock in, no obligation to use the Parcel International services should the fit not be right for you or your business.


The freight calculator available on this very website allows businesses to ship single, or multiple packages, small or large pallet loads to more than 220 countries around the globe.  With that, small businesses have huge uncapped potential to grow sales across a wider landscape selling to a global market, in a cost effective way with a solid and reliable logistics partner like Parcel International.


A number of carrier options on one single web portal, that is transparent and user friendly for all, no matter where you are sending from; sending luggage, unaccompanied baggage, presents, commercial packages, crates, or pallets overseas, can become extremely cost effective to ship using Parcel International , airfreight door to door services.  Offering a variety of services from different international shipping companies, means greater competition will drive prices down for the benefit of you, our very important customers.


What are you waiting for, if you haven’t already tried, we urge you to do so, by filling in the freight caluclator form at the top of this page,  few data inputs and you will get instant quotes and options to ship your packages by sea, air or road, today!……….


There is little reason to be nervous as our business has been around for 10 years, Australian owned and operated and our customer support team will be happy to answer your queries, every step of the way.  Contact us on +61 8 8244 1397  Parcel International are a Your Freight Agent Company, or email  support@yourfreightagent.com.au