Best budget international shipping from Australia to Singapore and from Singapore to Australia

Today we offer one of the few door to door international and worldwide shipping services on the market. We will find you the lowest rates for your freight requirements and can connect to your eCommerce store via integration. Parcel International aims to match small, medium and large scale businesses with freight couriers specific to their needs. No matter if you’re sending bulk orders, pallets, merchandise, samples, cartons, satchels, parcels or excess luggage, we can import or export it direct to the delivery address in Singapore or Australia. Parcel intentional offers both air freight and sea freight to Singapore and tries to simplify the shipping process for you. We aim to do this via our easy to use freight calculator which generates an international shipping quote and then prompts you through the booking process. Once booking is complete, we will send you the necessary labels that will allow you free tracking of your shipment. Our sea freight and air freight services offer low cost and budget services specific to your time frame. Air cargo offers fast and reliable international freight just as sea freight offers cheap and efficient shipping. Rest assured, your cargo will reach its destination within your budget and time frame.


Standard International Shipping, International Postal Services, International Courier Services, Express and Priority Services

Parcel international offers a variety of international postage services over a wide range of international couriers. To book an international shipping, simply enter the details required into our freight quote engine and follow the prompts. We offer cheap international shipping by comparing the prices of many budget couriers.


Compare Shipping rates across a range of cheap couriers to find the lowest possible shipping costs

Parcel international will find you the cheapest courier cost specific to your shipping needs. Send your parcel from Australia to Singapore or from Singapore to Australia with minimal risks and minimal documentation requirements. We will send your parcel for cheap either via air freight or ocean freight, whichever is more suited to your budget and time frame.