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Today we are seeing a trend where consumers are importing their own products directly from China. Traditionally companies would import large volumes of goods from China, as this method offers real value in bulk purchase discounts and provides businesses with bigger margins. Airfreight has become more and more accessible for anyone that has a computer and the internet, and the Chinese suppliers are more willing than ever to ship directly to consumers given that they receive payment for the goods upfront. The risk is minimal to all concerned considering the biggest purchases are for small electrical goods, fashion, accessories – goods that typically all bear a low replacement value should the transaction fall through or turn sour.

Freight Calculator quotes best global shipping rates from China to Australia – Air Cargo, and Ocean Freight


Whether from Australia to China, or China to Australia, hand in hand it is just as important as it is to buy goods cheaply, one needs to acquire competitive shipping rates that will reliably deliver the goods from China to Australia. Excellent shipping costs, by air or sea can be obtained from Parcel International’s online freight calculator and web portal. There is a mix of carriers and services that can deliver world wide and the calculator returns the best options to choose from. Get the best deals by filling in the details on the freight calculator and instantly see rates and services from the worlds best global delivery partners. Air freight, or sea freight the services are door to door, or door to airport, or door to sea port. Vast choices drives prices down as competition keeps our carrier partners fighting for your business and consequently we keep this at top of mind as part of our mission. Bringing choice, speed, best pricing and convenience to your door and to your fingertips.


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Here at Parcel International we have close relationships with many International Courier’s to bring you the lowest price in international freight. Import products from China to Australia and Export from Australia to China without hassle. Compare courier’s all on a single screen to find the cheapest international shipping available from China to Australia and from Australia to China! International trading is now accessible for your business with Parcel International.


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