Airport Deliveries from Australia to overseas countries


Airport Delivery by Parcel International provides the most reliable, and severely discounted airport deliveries, including international Air Freight shipping services delivering to over 220 countries around the world. Parcel International’s Door -to-Airport service accepts virtually all commodities, sizes and weights.  We have more than 10 years’ experience shipping goods internationally.


There are various methods of transportation available to choose from using Parcel International’s freight calculator, by air, door to door, door to airport and by sea cargo also. There are few services like the door to airport delivery service, that literally allows you to save between 60 -80% on normal excess baggage costs, sending unaccompanied freight with major airlines to major airports around the world.


With some forward thinking and better planning, several days before you are due to fly overseas, you can get quotes and ship the goods to yourself using Parcel International’s air freight and airport delivery services online.  Don’t get stuck at the airport paying huge excess baggage rates, in desperation because you feel that you can’t dispose of the luggage at the time.  We recommend that you get a friend or family member to take the bags and suit cases home, later they can ship it to you, using Parcel International’s air freight and sea freight web shipping portal.



What do you need to know about Parcel International’s airport delivery services?

All major airports are included on our web portal as an option for delivery, once the shipment arrives at the destination airport, the receiver must clear the goods and collect from customs themselves.  Delivery to door in the destination country is not included in the door to airport price quoted.  If you require a door to door price then the freight costs incurred will be naturally higher than door to airport freight costs.


Whenever sending goods overseas, one must consider the value of goods being shipped and how the nature of goods and its value may impact and incur duties and taxes applicable in the destination country.  Whoever is shipping goods overseas has the responsibility for checking that their goods are not prohibited or restricted from being shipped to the country it’s destined for.  The shipper is also responsible for checking that they understand the duties and taxes that might be applicable and payable once arrived into the destination country for customs clearance.


Refer to our prohibited and restricted items page http://parcelinternational/support/prohibited-restricted-items/


Further information around airport delivery requirements can be discussed with our expert shipping consultants on +61 8 8244 1397