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Ready to purchase something overseas or ship a package internationally right now?  Get the best international courier express parcel service options online at your fingertips right now on this very website as we offer door to door delivery worldwide at very competitive rates.  Our delivery partners will get your product delivered by air in as few as 2 – 5 days depending on the route, plus customs clearance within 24 hours, with door to door tracking online and insurance options are available too.  We offer customer support by phone, email or online chat to support you every step of the way.  Simply fill in the calculator at the top of this page to get instant quotes, and book online paying by credit card.  No need to set up an account, no waiting lines at the post office, no need to delay as we have 10 years experience and our shipping partners are the best in the world.  Its really that easy.

How Getting Online Domestic & International Courier rates will benefit you


While you’re here at Parcel International you can look around at your options, explore the different freight services and get the best out of everything we offer.  We offer experience, a wide range of air freight international delivery services at your fingertips, the time saving effect of shopping around for  you, and most importantly we hope to save you money!  There is no fee for joining, no fee for testing our service, just pay as you go when and if the service or price quoted absolutely suits your needs.  The flexibility of having Parcel International website at your fingertips will bring joy to your working life, especially when we are all so time poor and our working day needs to be as effective and efficient as possible.  Parcel International’s smart shipping system will help you figure the best courier for the delivery route entered in the calculator every time.  Imagine if you had to remember or try to train your staff to do this everytime?  Imagine having to trust and train each employee how to manually calculate freight costs for every delivery order you send out.  We save you from having that nightmare which is a far outdated operational process in today’s world.


Finding the best international shipping courier, for sending pallets, parcels and suitcases


Our shipping experts and customer support team are all based in Australia, as we are an Australia owned company.  We pride ourselves in servicing our clients for over 10 years and have been with our international shipping partners for the same length of time, to handle airfreight, sea cargo and road freight.   Parcel International partners with only the best international courier companies in the world and can help you move your pallets, parcels or suitcases around the globe with ease providing you as our customer with absolute online transparency.  Tracking options are available and our customer support team will keep you in the loop.  Some of our carrier partners include Fedex, TNT, Toll, UPS, and others which will be unbranded our website.  You may also be further assured with our offer of free automatic insurance cover up to $500 value for every international delivery.  Speak to our team for more information.


How to Start Sending Parcels with Parcel International today


Fast Reliable Low cost and Convenient our system will save you time and money sending freight domestically or internationally.  Whether sending by road freight, air freight or sea freight our service can be door to door or to airport or seaport.  The options are vast and our network is also vast with 10 years servicing our clients online, making shipping overseas very simple and amazing rates that everyone can afford.


–          Fill in the calculator to get an instant list of quote options to choose from

–         Select the appropriate service and BOOK NOW

–          Book online to get the discounted online rate displayed today

–          Pay as go for shipping labels, automatic scheduling of driver to collect from your house or office

–          Track shipment online, goods will then be delivered!


Please note that shipping rates are quoted as accurately as possible and will be only be correct if the information entered in the calculator are true and correct.  Be sure to understand that duties and taxes are not included in our shipping price, and transit times are provided as a guideline only.  We ask that you check transit times when you have a shipment that needs to be delivered within a deadline.  Our customer support team will assist you choose the right service to meet the deadline.  SAME DAY OR NEXT FLIGHT service are guaranteed services.  All others are estimated and not guaranteed.

Parcel International team will help you with all of your shipping and packaging queries.  Our goal is to be your one stop shop for sending domestic and international freight whether small or large, pallets, parcels and suitcases.  We have saved $thousands of dollars for our customers on a day to day basis, just be reducing the cost of sending excess baggage, shopping around for freight and for the mere convenience of being a trustworthy site online.  We have extensive knowledge on airfreight safety and regulations, please do not hesitate to contact us if  you have any questions.